Friday, May 04, 2007

Sam Ba Sing Tzik - Macau

Bought a ferry ticket to Macau at HK-Macau ferry terminal. Get out from Sheung Wan MTR and follow the signs :) It's just upstairs. There are some other ferry companies staff shouting everywhere for their cheap fares but I ended up buying a ticket from Turbojet. First, I don't like people that approached me out of the blue and pursude me to buy something from them, secondly Turbojet have a whole row of counters ~ (haha).

HK-Macau = HK138 (economy class/weekday)
Macau - HK = HK142 (economy class/weekday)

Ferries going to Macau every half an hour. Don't forget there's no night ferries during weekdays.

You may want to change some MOP (Macau Pataca) in HK first and get some Macau maps at the ferry terminal. HKD is widely use in Macau but some small retail outlet only accept MOP. But MOP cannot use in HK! I suggest you take a bus to town, and it's only cost MOP2.5 and you can go anywhere you want! From the first station to the last station, MOP2.5 (USD0.31). Save your Money for casino~~

The journey start at Largo do Senado (where I get down from the bus), the focal point of Macau's historic centre. It's pretty easy, just a few stops away from the ferry terminal. I'm a fan of Colonial Architecture and immediatly fall in love with this place at first sight!

The must eat... Macau pork burger! BBQ pork slice sells everywhere, it's much much more bigger piece compare to other places like SG and MYS... and of course, the reknown Portuguese egg tart!

The must go place... First on the list: Sam Ba Sing Tzik!! Also known as St. Paul Catholic Church. The front facade and the grand stone stairs are the only remains of the greatest church in Macau! The architecture is simply magnificent!

St. Paul was designed by an Italian priest and was constructed with the help of the Japanese technology. Because of an indissoluble course, the church caught fire three times one after another and it was rebuilt again.

Some other attractions like Monte Fort (which is actually a shortened version of the fort's full name: The Fortress of St.Paul of Monte) You will find a barracks for the fort's troops, storehouses, water cisterns... etc.

Lastly... I know... the CASINO~