Saturday, March 26, 2005

Sarawak Laksa

Friday, March 25, 2005

Winter BBQ ?? At Oriental Green Haven - Somewhere near Shanghai

Winter BBQ

We had a BBQ today at Oriental Green Haven. A wonderful place with gentle scenery, ponds and lakes, gardens, bamboo woods... It's quite a huge place. The BBQ garden was located at the northern part - an area where you can see architeture with British, American, Spain features or something, each equipped with adequate modern holiday facilities such as tennis courts, sand volleyball courts, natatoriums etc..

The Eastern part is where the martial aircraft carrier stands tall and upright near the lake bank, show you the secrets of modern military science. I think the most exciting part is the "Bravers Trip". On the 200m long road for bravers, you can climb, jump, creep, run or whatever your body can do without tools in order to pass the military barriers and net twine labyrinth.

Well, the barbecue food was not nice. Was said "Unique Barbecue Food" with beverage and snack included. We booked 5 BBQ pit with little food and choices each pit - taiwanese hotdog, fish balls, half pigeon, few slice of beef, and 'man tou' (chinese bread). I don't like it personally... :) but I do love the scenery!