Thursday, January 13, 2005

Beijing Golf Club in Winter

Ok, Nellie and I was so excited about this photo that we took during our site visit. A beautiful and peaceful scenery with a bicycle under the tree... The first things we did was change our desktop photo to this pic, haha!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Beijing Trip Update

Back from Beijing. It's freezing !! Well, the construction site is actually located beside Beijing city, 2 hours drive from Beijing Airport.

A so call "hotel" that we are staying was the lousiest hotel I have ever stay in! It's just like a motel with broken ceiling... but we are told that's the best hotel in town :)

I was thinking that finally, we can try the authentic Peking Duck (a famous dish in Beijing) but instead, we had some other authentic dish like fried chicken ankle!!!... in a so call high class restaurant :) But it's a lot nicer then Shanghainese food. Beijing people are friendly. We are so glad that the big clients that we met speak English! The guy is a HK born Canadian PR while the lady is married to an American. They speak good English!

From the left: Van (Our Art Director), Me, Client, Client, Nellie and the one holding the camera was our technical designer! :D

Monday, January 10, 2005

Beijing Trip

Just a quick post... will be going outstation to Beijing later for a Golf Club House and Hotel project. I am now writing this blog while waiting for my driver to fetch me to the airport at 6am later. Well, it's winter time and guess Beijing will be colder than Shanghai.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

WenZhou Trip

Arrived in WenZhou for a business trip early in the morning today. Wow, I can't believe that i was treated like a Queen when I'm there. On arrival, there was a VIP shutter just to fetch me to the VIP airport lobby where the driver was already waiting at the entrance. Oops, did I told you who's my client ? Well, he's the Director of China's Petroleum!

WenZhou lies in the middle section of China's golden coastline. Bordering on the East China Sea and standing by the Oujiang River. It is the economic, political and cultural as well as communication center of the southern part of Zhejiang Province.

Many people think of WenZhou, whose many small commodities such as shoes and lock are well known the world over, as a commercial city. Shops line its streets, and WenZhou people have such business acumen, they are popularly known as China's wheeler dealers.

We had our lunch in a very high-class Chinese Restaurant. Abalons, traditional snacks such as dumpling soup and sesame seed cake were served, and claypot fish which was cooked in front of you ! I was told WenZhou cuisine is one of the four noted cuisines of Zhejiang Province. Less oily and often uses yellow croaker fish, crab and squid as ingredients.

Monday, January 03, 2005

The Sleepless Shanghai

View taken from my bedroom's window

It's midnight now and I couldn't sleep. My room is freezing even I got my heater on. I took out my mobile phone and start shooting anything outside my window. It's snowing...

I am staying in an old service apartment at the end of DingXi Road, very near to ZhongShang Garden and 5 mins walk to MayFair Hotel. It's consider a crowded area beside Shanghai City center. The advantages staying here are: you can get almost everything here, walking distance to fast food restaurant like McDonald and KFC, Cantonese Restaurants, Shanghainese Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, shopping centers... It's great !

When midnight comes, it's very quiet, and what wake me up in the morning ? 6.30am, a group of elderly playing 'Tai Chi' using a radio and 7am, China's National Anthem ! I am staying in 18th floor, can you imagine that ?? :)

Ok, back to sleep...