Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Beijing Trip Update

Back from Beijing. It's freezing !! Well, the construction site is actually located beside Beijing city, 2 hours drive from Beijing Airport.

A so call "hotel" that we are staying was the lousiest hotel I have ever stay in! It's just like a motel with broken ceiling... but we are told that's the best hotel in town :)

I was thinking that finally, we can try the authentic Peking Duck (a famous dish in Beijing) but instead, we had some other authentic dish like fried chicken ankle!!!... in a so call high class restaurant :) But it's a lot nicer then Shanghainese food. Beijing people are friendly. We are so glad that the big clients that we met speak English! The guy is a HK born Canadian PR while the lady is married to an American. They speak good English!

From the left: Van (Our Art Director), Me, Client, Client, Nellie and the one holding the camera was our technical designer! :D