Monday, January 03, 2005

The Sleepless Shanghai

View taken from my bedroom's window

It's midnight now and I couldn't sleep. My room is freezing even I got my heater on. I took out my mobile phone and start shooting anything outside my window. It's snowing...

I am staying in an old service apartment at the end of DingXi Road, very near to ZhongShang Garden and 5 mins walk to MayFair Hotel. It's consider a crowded area beside Shanghai City center. The advantages staying here are: you can get almost everything here, walking distance to fast food restaurant like McDonald and KFC, Cantonese Restaurants, Shanghainese Restaurants, Italian Restaurants, shopping centers... It's great !

When midnight comes, it's very quiet, and what wake me up in the morning ? 6.30am, a group of elderly playing 'Tai Chi' using a radio and 7am, China's National Anthem ! I am staying in 18th floor, can you imagine that ?? :)

Ok, back to sleep...