Sunday, January 09, 2005

WenZhou Trip

Arrived in WenZhou for a business trip early in the morning today. Wow, I can't believe that i was treated like a Queen when I'm there. On arrival, there was a VIP shutter just to fetch me to the VIP airport lobby where the driver was already waiting at the entrance. Oops, did I told you who's my client ? Well, he's the Director of China's Petroleum!

WenZhou lies in the middle section of China's golden coastline. Bordering on the East China Sea and standing by the Oujiang River. It is the economic, political and cultural as well as communication center of the southern part of Zhejiang Province.

Many people think of WenZhou, whose many small commodities such as shoes and lock are well known the world over, as a commercial city. Shops line its streets, and WenZhou people have such business acumen, they are popularly known as China's wheeler dealers.

We had our lunch in a very high-class Chinese Restaurant. Abalons, traditional snacks such as dumpling soup and sesame seed cake were served, and claypot fish which was cooked in front of you ! I was told WenZhou cuisine is one of the four noted cuisines of Zhejiang Province. Less oily and often uses yellow croaker fish, crab and squid as ingredients.