Saturday, April 14, 2007

Din Tai Fung Dumpling House

A global outlet of a fantastic restaurant chain located at XinTianDi, Shanghai. Famous with their double boil chicken soup and xiao lung bao~ (little basket buns, with minced pork fillings encased in a bread dough and steamed in a bamboo basket). You've got to call and make a booking because if you are not... expect to wait for at least an hour! Since it's a last minute decision, we got Leo (A Malaysian friend who used to live in UK) to call the manager of XinTianDi to make a reservation for us! (WOW~~) Guess what... we got a big table in a big room! But that's other people's table at 7pm, (we steal it) so we got just an hour to have our dinner there. Lively atmosphere, bright, clean and spacious.

Address: Xin Tian Di Outlet - Unit 11A, House 6, 2F, Lane 123, Xin Ye Road.
Tel: 6385-8378 (Staff will be able to take your reservation in English)
Hours: Daily for lunch 11am-3pm, Dinner 5pm-10pm

2nd Shanghai outlet:
Unit 109, Peace Square No. 18, Shui Cheng Road, Hong Qiao.
Tel: 6208 4188

Rating: ****

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yi Wu Trip

Back to Shanghai

Hello people, I'm back to Shanghai for quite come time hence my blog has come to life once more. Been staying here for 3 years and still cannot get used to this place! Yeah, I know I have been neglecting this blog for a long time. I run several business websites, forums and blogs which make me so busy and nearly forget about this blog! (what a good excuse!)...

I tried to log in to Blogger today and just found out that they have merge with Google, which means you can sign in using your Google ID! That's incredible! Am I not updated or what... But today, I really have someting to share. Watch out when you buy Pen Drive!! This is the pendrive that my fren purchased from Beijing, China last month... cannot use... This is what it's containing inside the so called 'pendrive'...