Saturday, May 26, 2007

Review of Sophia Wedding Studio - Part I

Since signing up a package from Sophia at the wedding exhibition in April, we never get any calls from our marketing people. Nil... Nada !! So we decide to call up and ask WHO's our MP! ... and make an appointment to meet her today.

Alright... Fei Fei's our MP. She's not the first Shanghainese I've met with such a rotten personality. So arrogant, so defensive, so much to talk when bird shit splats on her. When we asked her to explain the package in more details, she was impatient. Her attitude was totally different from the taiwanese marketing lady from the same company that we met way back in April. At that point, we really regretted signing up with Sophia Wedding Studio. That same polite taiwanese maketing lady told us that any additional photos (in JPEG format) outside the 36 included in the package would usually cost RMB100. But she would give us a special price of RMB60/photo. However, Fei Fei told us that there is no way the company can offer RMB60 unless we add lots of photo. Damn!! We should have asked the taiwanese lady to add this term in our contract.

Given her attitude, we were really in a bad mood and not interested in talking to her anymore. We left feeling pretty down. We felt as if we had been taken for a ride!!