Monday, July 11, 2005

Hygine habits of the Mainland Chinese

Had my lunch at a Vietnamese Restaurant yesterday above XuJiaHui subway. The food sucks! The curry that I've order are not fresh at all and 'taste' overnight! We ordered some Vietnamese grill chicken wings but ends up fried chicken wings. After I went home, I fall sick. I consider how bad it was based on how many washroom trips I make, and a slight fever as well. My friend had the same problem as me, kind of food poisoning. I will NEVER ... and EVER... dine in that restaurant again!

Shanghai is dirty. I can't imagine how dirty the restaurants kitchen are in this entire city. Since the mainland Chinese here love to split, especially when they are sick or have lots of phlegm. In addition, for some reason they don't seem to think that having a cold counts as being sick. Therefore they take no precautions to protect others when they have a cold. People tend to sneeze... and sneeze, and sneeze... inside subways! These scenario have all been very annoying and certainly raised my frustration levels at times.... People eat from the same plate as others with their diseased chopsticks, shack hands, etc....All of this happens with no increase in their hygiene habits, such as hand washing. SO, you will never know what happen in the KITCHEN !