Monday, June 04, 2007

Cheap Authentic Thai Food at "Thai House", Shanghai

Pad Thai - Thai fried noodles

Combination Platter (Fish cake, prawn cake, spring rolls & pandan chicken) Served with Thai Sweet Chilly Sauce.

A Thai eatery house tucked away down a lane inside an old china apartment in Shanghai. Authentic home style dishes served simply without much decoration. This 3-rooms apartment creates a homey ambiance with very minimal Thai decorations and a Thai waitress who speaks very simple English. They also have a notice board where you can pin up your photos.

For home-sick Thais, this restaurant is the best place to dine in! Bring some cash! Credit cards are not accepted!

Cheap and satisfying! You won't be disappointed.

Open: 11am - 2am
Address: Rm.205, No.12, Lane 657 Wuding Road, near Xikang Road
Tel: 6215-6690

Rating: *****
Approx. RMB60 - RMB150+ per couple