Sunday, April 23, 2006

Anji County, ZheJiang

Anji, China's Home of Bamboo, is one of most famous bamboo counties in Zhejiang province. It takes about 3 hours drive from Shanghai. Before the year 2002, Anji was isolated from the outside world because of the poor transportation, and for many years its economy remained undeveloped. Since then, Anji build highways connecting the neighbouring cities like HangZhou and HuZhou.

AnJi has China's largest bamboo nursery acknowledge by foreign experts as containing the widest and most complete variety of bamboo to be found.

The local people, mostly farmers, produce non-polluted products like bamboo shoots, alpine vegetables, flowers, and white tea which grown nowhere else in the country and are more expensive than the Dragon Well tea! For those who lives in town, sells bamboo handicrafts, bamboo floor mat, bamboo building materials and bamboo furniture. Things are very very cheap in AnJi... look at the photos, the mountains are form by bamboos! It's gorgeous...~

Travelling Date: April 2006