Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Kyoto The Ancient City

Kyoto is beautiful...., without doubt, the most romantic city in japan. a roughly 30 mins from osaka. because of its rich cultural heritage, kyoto was not targeted in the air raids of world war II, and as a result, it is still home to numerous priceless structures, temples and shrines. at the same time, kyoto is a bustling modern city.

i had my ramen at a small shop when i reach kyoto. its the most delicious ramen i've ever had. the soup is warm and the noodles r hot !! food and mrt are very expensive in kyoto. the most cheapest meal i had is 500 jpn yen for just a bowl of tempura udon ~

the most unexpected thing is, there's a lot of staircase !! haha, although i think the stairs are what attributed to me losing basically 1 pound per day during my 3 days visit in kyoto. i'd visited some temples which took 2 hours to climb to the top of the mountain... i'm glad i trained a bit back in shanghai cause i have been walking a lot of miles (or kilometers) since i got here.......

the backpackers hostel that i am staying in kyoto is very very clean. i met a few australians and british here. in the evening of 3rd May, l leave kyoto to tokyo. it tooks around 2 hours by shinkansen (bullet train)..... it's really FAST !!! normal train tooks 10++ hours to reach tokyo... can you imagine that !??!?!?!