Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Lost in Mandarin Pronounciation!

I was checking my designers work at her PC and I feel that the AutoCAD furniture template (we have a directory of furniture block, basically a pre-drawn furniture in plan and elevation to make our life easier) that she choose need to be change. She's doing a furniture layout with a Victorian concept but she pluged in a modern furniture! I'm trying to communicate with her 'bout this for 10 mins:

Me: could you change the "yí zhǐ "?
She: Huh ??
Me: Zhè gè yí zhǐ chùo le...
She: ??? (still look at her drawing with loooots of questions..)
(maybe I delivered the wrong msg)
Me: (I get frustrated and pointed the chair on her monitor screen... and a hand sign means 'wrong')
She: OOOHHH~~~~ yǐ zhi~~

I was like.... @.@ Well... ok...